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Talker Frequently Asked Questions

Site Usage

Can my spouse/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/enemy join me as a couple on calls?

Are Calls recorded?

Do I have to take Calls?

How do I make myself “Available?”

Can I make myself “Un/Available” if I’m not at a computer?


How do I get started?

How do I verify my Private Account Information?

How do I verify my phone number?

Why is there a verification call from Talker Support?

How do I manage my account security?

I forgot my password!

How do I change my password?

What do the Talker Main Menu options mean?

How do I update my phone number(s)? 

How do I set my Notification Preferences? 


How do I manage my Profile? 

How do I create a Profile?

How do I navigate my Profile Dashboard?

How do I edit my Profile?

How do I set a Profile Photo? 

How do I add a Schedule?

How do I utilize Wall Posts? 

How do I manage My Contacts (Block, Favorite, etc.)?

How many Profiles/Characters can I have?

Are my Profiles linked together on the site? Can the Callers tell multiple Profiles are all mine?

How can I tell which Profile a customer is calling?

Why is my Profile not approved yet?

How long does it take for my Profile Title, Profile Photos, Gallery Photos, etc., to be approved?

How do I get my Profile featured on the front page? 

I want to delete one of my Profiles!


How much can I charge per minute?

How do I manage My Rates?

There was a call recently and I don’t see the money I should have earned from it!


How do I setup my Payout Information?

When do I get paid out?

My bank account information was incorrect, what do I do?

I didn’t receive my payout!

Am I an employee of

Does Talktome withhold Taxes from My Earnings?


How do I get more exposure?


Do Callers see my personal phone number when they dial the service?

Will a Caller hear my personal voicemail if I don’t answer the phone?

Are the calls monitored?

How do I earn with the Recording calls feature?

Will I get in trouble for ending a call with a Caller who wants to talk about something I’m not comfortable with?

What should I do if I get a Caller who I think is underage?

Images & Galleries

Can I have nude/sell photos?

How do I add a Photo Gallery?

Why were my Gallery Cover Photos rejected?

I am not happy with the initial cost I put on my Gallery Photos, can I change the cost?

Messages & Web Chats

How much can I charge for Web Chat?

How much can I charge for a Message?

What types of files can I attach to a Message?

How do I delete a Message?


How much can I charge for Sexts?

Do Callers see my personal phone number when we Sext?

What types of files can I attach to a Sext?

Watch A Movie

Watch A Movie F.A.Q

Additional Programs

What is the Direct Connect Program?

Why am I no longer in the Direct Connect Program?

How do I earn using the Talk-Chat Lines Program? 

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?