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Strange Sex Saturday – Strange Locations



It’s Saturday, and around here you know what that means! It’s time to step over to the dark side, of sex and sexuality. Don’t worry there are no bugs or bodily fluids this week. For this weeks strange sex Saturday its less about the who and what, and all about the where! So grab your road snacks and buckle up for a while ride.

Dead men tell no tales

“Coffin in a funeral home showroom … Girl I was dating, her father owned a funeral home.” —captpike67

The City that Never Sleeps

“As a native New Yorker, one of my favorite pastimes is walking the bridges. Late one night, after a great time out barhopping I decided to walk back home to Queens. It was about 5 a.m. and as I was walking I called the guy I was seeing and asked him to meet me halfway so we could grab breakfast. We met on the bridge and something came over me – I just had to have him! I made love to him right then and there on the bridge. It was amazing! A few cars drove by and honked – what a show for them!” – Serene, 28, New York

That’s Wild

“I’ve been obsessed with the zoo for as long as I can remember and on my 25th birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip there. It was the perfect day, and I thought what would make it even more perfect would be to have sex there. We found a hidden place behind the polar bear oasis and got down to business, but not five minutes into our fun, did a few zookeepers show up – apparently our sex destination was a go-to place for them to sneak smoke breaks.” – Lisa, 33, Los Angeles

Young and Free

“Mannnnn, everywhere I had sex was pretty weird my senior year. Neither of our parents knew we were sexually active, or at least we didn’t think they did, so we did it wherever we could when we weren’t home. Movie theaters, dressing rooms, a hill behind a church under 3 crosses, a number of parking lots, a grave yard once, my friends truck as he drove around, bathrooms…Honestly, those times were more exciting than many I have had as an adult. Creativity wasn’t an option, it was a necessity.” – PM_DEM_BEWBS_GIRL

Roof Rats

“Once upon a time I had sex on my elderly neighbor’s roof. I thought she was out of town, but lo and behold, the next day she asked me to come over and check her attic for rodents, claiming she heard noises the night before!” – Alex, 24, New York

Memory Lane

“On a visit back home for a summer vacation, I took my husband on a tour of meaningful childhood places. We visited the public pool and wound up sneaking in, first having sex on the lounge chairs and then in the actual pool. Not exactly how I remember my childhood days at the rec center!” – Marisa, 35, Chicago

What a View

“On top of a cliff overlooking the sea in Norway. A ship used the horn, I don’t know if it was at us but I like to believe it was their way of cheering us on.” —Stickytoffeeballs

We will see you next week while we explore more of the “stranger” sides of sex and sexuality.


Understanding BDSM




The world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism)! It’s a complex and multifaceted topic that can be both thrilling and intimidating for those new to the scene.

**Understanding BDSM:**

BDSM is a consensual and negotiated form of sexual expression that involves a range of activities, including:

1. **Bondage:** Physical restraint using ropes, chains, or other materials.
2. **Discipline:** Punishment or correction through physical or emotional means.
3. **Dominance/Submission:** One person takes control, while the other submits to their desires.
4. **Sadism/Masochism:** One person derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation, while the other derives pleasure from receiving it.

**Safety First:**

Before exploring BDSM, it’s essential to prioritize safety and consent:

1. **Consent:** Obtain explicit consent from all parties involved in any activity.
2. **Communication:** Discuss boundaries, desires, and limits with your partner(s) beforehand.
3. **Safe words:** Establish a safe word or signal to stop the activity if needed.
4. **Hygiene and cleanliness:** Practice good hygiene to prevent infection.

**Getting Started:**

If you’re new to BDSM, consider the following steps:

1. **Explore online resources:** Websites, forums, and social media groups can provide valuable information and connections with others.
2. **Read about different activities:** Learn about various BDSM practices, their implications, and potential risks.
3. **Find a community:** Attend local events, join online groups, or find a mentor to learn from experienced individuals.
4. **Start with soft play:** Begin with non-painful activities like role-playing, sensual massage, or bondage using rope toys.

**Activities for Novices:**

Some popular BDSM activities for beginners include:

1. **Flogging:** A form of impact play using a flogger (soft or hard).
2. **Rope bondage:** Tying someone up using rope or cordage.
3. **Sensory deprivation:** Using blindfolds, earplugs, or headphones to heighten sensory experience.
4. **Mummification:** Wrapping someone in cloth or tape for sensation play.

**Tips for Success:**

1. **Communicate openly:** Discuss your desires and boundaries with your partner(s).
2. **Start slow:** Gradually introduce new activities to ensure comfort and consent.
3. **Respect limits:** Never push someone beyond their comfort zone or violate their consent.
4. **Practice self-care:** Prioritize physical and emotional well-being after engaging in BDSM activities.

Remember that BDSM is a journey, and it’s essential to prioritize safety, communication, and consent above all else. If you’re interested in exploring BDSM further, take your time, be patient, and respect the boundaries of yourself and others.


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Balloon Fetish




The fascination with balloons! It’s not uncommon for people to have unique preferences or attractions, and balloon-related arousal is one such phenomenon. While it’s not universally accepted, there are a few theories that might help explain why some people might be turned on by balloons:

1. **Textural stimulation**: The tactile sensation of balloons can be quite pleasurable for some individuals. The smooth, soft, and sometimes slightly rough texture of balloons can be a source of sensory pleasure. Some people might enjoy the feeling of running their fingers or hands over the balloon’s surface, or even popping the balloon to release the air and feel the sudden release of pressure.
2. **Visual appeal**: Balloons can be quite visually appealing, with their vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes. The way they move and float in the air can be mesmerizing, and some people might find the visual display stimulating. The sound of balloons popping or releasing air can also be a sensory trigger.
3. **Nostalgia and childhood associations**: For some people, balloons might evoke memories of childhood birthday parties, celebrations, or special events. The association with happy times and feelings of joy can create a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection to balloons.
4. **Sensory exploration**: Some individuals might be attracted to balloons due to their unique sensory properties. The way they respond to touch, pressure, and movement can create a sense of curiosity and exploration. This curiosity can translate into a sense of arousal or pleasure.
5. **Kinky or fetishistic interest**: In some cases, the attraction to balloons might be related to specific kinks or fetishes. For instance, some people might enjoy the feeling of being bound or restrained by balloons, while others might find the idea of inflating or deflating balloons as a form of erotic play appealing.
6. **Neurological factors**: Research suggests that human brains are wired to respond to certain stimuli, including textures, sounds, and visuals. Some people might have an innate predisposition to find certain sensory experiences pleasurable, including those associated with balloons.

It’s essential to remember that these theories are not universally accepted and are based on individual perspectives and experiences. It’s crucial to respect people’s individual preferences and boundaries when it comes to their sexual attractions.

In conclusion, while the reasons for being turned on by balloons might vary from person to person, it’s likely a combination of factors that contributes to this attraction. Ultimately, understanding and respecting individual preferences is essential for building a more inclusive and accepting society.

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Why people love lumbersexuals!




The lumbersexual!

A lumbersexual is a colloquial term used to describe a type of urban, hipster, or fashion-conscious individual who adopts a rugged, outdoorsy aesthetic, often without actually engaging in the corresponding activities or having a genuine connection to the great outdoors.

The term “lumbersexual” was coined in 2014 by the website The Hairpin to describe the phenomenon of men (although it can also apply to women) who sported beards, flannel shirts, and other rustic attire, but were not necessarily outdoorsy or interested in traditional “lumberjack” activities like logging or forestry.

Common characteristics of lumbersexuals include:

1. A well-groomed beard or facial hair.
2. A preference for flannel shirts, trucker hats, and other clothing items commonly associated with outdoor activities.
3. A penchant for craft beer and artisanal coffee.
4. A love for indie music, vinyl records, and vintage clothing.
5. A strong sense of style and fashion awareness.

While lumbersexuals may not actually be involved in outdoor activities like hiking or camping, they often enjoy the aesthetic and cultural associations that come with this look. They may use the “lumberjack” style as a form of fashion expression or a way to connect with a perceived sense of rugged individualism.

It’s worth noting that the term “lumbersexual” has been criticized for being overly ironic and pretentious, as it often involves adopting a style without actually embracing the values and lifestyle associated with it. However, it remains a popular cultural phenomenon and a symbol of urban, hipster culture.

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