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how to real sexting conversations


What’s hotter than real sexting conversations? Sexting is wildly popular on, where real girls with real profiles connect instantly — live talk, email and most recently: text message. It’s a fantastic way to “sample” a few Talkers at a time, so you can find out who you click with before going live.


Real sexting conversations, as hot as you like! Here’s one right now to get you started…


Hey baby you are hot!!!!!!

   Hello, sweetie… what’s up? 

You know what!

   I think I do but I’d like you to tell me. 

You tell me!

   What do you want to know? 

What are you wearing?

   T-shirt and jeans, bare feet, red pedicure. 

Great I love feet. But tell me about your panties.

   Thong, baby. Black lace. Sheer and snug. 

Are you wet?

   How will you know?

Tell me where your hands are.

   Mmmm.. tell me where you want them.

Grab your titties.

   Way ahead of you, baby. I’ve been squeezing my DD’s when you type. 

   Should I pull on my nipples? 

No, wait. Tell me how it feels first. Rubbing your tits.

   My tits feel great. Firm. Bouncy. Very sensitive.

   I like to graze my fingernails across my breasts.

   And then pinch my nipples as hard as I can. 

   (sometimes I squeal!)

Can you imagine my hands gliding across your skin?

   Your hands are rough (giggles) and strong and manly. 

   <knees melting>

   <heart pounding>

   <pussy moistening>

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Now, I need you to take your right hand and start playing with yourself.

Will you do that for me, babe?

   Talk me through it.

Check if you’re wet. Slide your right index finger into your pussy crack.

Tell me — are you wet?


Good girl. Now take your middle finger and ease it between your pussy lips.

Take your time. Tell me everything.

   I can feel my own pussy heat, so hot on my hand.

   So slippery.

   I’m drenched.

   Can I taste please? Just a drop, I have so much to spare. 

Lick your finger, how is it?

   Mmmmm…. my pussy juice is sweet, baby, and there’s so much of it for you. 

Do you wish I was right there with you right now?

If I was, I’d be kissing on your neck.

Slowly up to your left ear — my voice and hot breath:

“I’m so fuckin’ hard right now.”

   Goddamn I’m so hot this is so hot you are so hot

Working my way down your collarbone, your breasts.

Licking every inch of your full left tit before taking that perky nipple into my mouth!.

   Please don’t forget the right one!

Stomach kisses, hip kisses, thigh kisses… know where I’m going?

   Spreading for you, baby! Oh please baby oh please eat me up!

Gliding my tongue, flicking your slit.

   How’s my pussy, baby?

It’s heaven.

   Tell me how you like to eat my pussy. 

Your cunt is like candy! Your thighs soft and supple like bubblegum.

<burying my face between your legs>

   My clit is on fire! Please can I cum?

Only if we can keep going.

I think your ass is jealous of your pussy.

Turn over, Ima eat your ass.

And then I’m gonna fuck it.

   OK I’m back (dropped the phone). 

   I’m glad you wanna eat my ass too, it’s been awhile.

I am serious about the fucking.

   Me too.

No, do you have a dildo or a vibrator? I want you to put it up your ass.

I will wait.

   OK I’ve got it. 

   OMG I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s HUGE!

   Dunno if I can get it all in but I will try.  😉

Good girl.

Lube up.

   I have a thick rubber dildo, about 9″ but very wide head especially.

What color?

   Purple. Clear-ish. Sparkles.


   Shut up I’m tickling my ass with the fat head. heheh

   All slippery with lube. Been so long. Pucker! Whoo!

You are funny. Keep going.

   I am! OMG so nice. I’m on my back, knees bent.

   Legs crossed and in the air. 

   Twisting dildo head like screw in asshole entrance. 

Push it in?

   Not yet. Mmm. Nice. Tell me something sweet.

I wish I was there to finger your clit and drip warmed lube on your dildo.

   And feather-lick my asshole. I love that.

Nice and light around the pink. Softly exploratory fingers too.

   Nice. Good. More.

Push gently baby, open your asshole for my big dick.

   You’re too big.

No, no. Relax. Go slow. Breathe baby breathe

How does that feel?

Tell me how my hard cock feels in your tight little asshole.


   OK IT IS IN! Holy shit I have all 9 inches in my ass for you!

Take it, baby. That’s me. I’m in your ass and you feel perfect.

   I can’t believe you talked me into this!!!!!!

Can you DP?

   Ha! I have a candle on my nightstand, dare me?

Do it!

   OMG your huge hard dick is filling up my ass

   Ramming my cunt with this candle like a sex freak

   OMG you better be jerking off.

   Amazing. Fucking amazing you pervo we’re pervos!!!!

I am going to be jerking off over this forever.

   Me too. 



We hope you’ve enjoyed this example of real sexting conversations on, where you can connect live, one on one with hot horny Talkers right now, with just the click of a button. 


REAL profiles! REAL pictures! Videos, fantasies, so much more. Live talk, email, text. 


And of course… sexting!



Bucket List Must Do’s



The last two years have forced most of us to consider our mortality. If you haven’t made a sex bucket list to mark of you should get on that! We are here to help with some MUST try at least once sexual acts to get the ball rolling on your bucket list.

Watch you get yourself off

Learning the best way to get yourself off is an important part of understanding your own sexuality. Watching and seeing yourself in the act ads another lever of pleasure to the experience.

Virtual sex

This one is amazing for long-distance relationships, but why not do it even if you’re living together? Whether its sexy texts, phone sex, or cyber sex listing to someone pleasure themselves while you cant touch them is one of the most maddening and tantalizing ways to get off.

Sexual Buffet

Turn your partner into a sexual smorgasbord. You can include some chocolate, whipped cream and strawberries in your game. Keep in mind that it’s not the healthiest idea to have food near lady parts, because it messes up the natural pH balance. If you want to add some flavor to her taco try a flavored body powder or lube. Another fun way to do this is to cook your partner dinner, but instead of offering them a plate of food, offer yourself naked, hand feeding them.

Skinny Dip with your partner

Go to a secluded beach together, lose the swimsuits. Water in combination with naked bodies and the naughtiness of breaking the rules is a kink combo that may be enough to have you rushing for the shore to get on top of each other.

Sex outdoors

Picture it just the two of you, on a rooftop, or out at your favorite camp ground, millions of stars above you the wind adding extra sensations against your skin. You can be loud as as you want, if there’s no one around you. Or make it a challenge and do it completely silent absorbing the world around you. The sky’s the limit.

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Strange Sex Saturday – Strange Love



On Saturdays we like to honor the stranger sides of sex. This week in honor of Valentines day instead of delving into new strange things to try we have collected firsthand accounts of the strangest sex women of reddit have ever had. So, if you have a date this weekend with a new potential sexual partner, make sure to take notes on what NOT to do.

Double the un-satisfaction

“I was probably about 18-19, and I went to a three-day heavy metal festival. Back then I was very into casual sex. I was a bit bored, since I was at the festival by myself, and was just sitting in front of my tent one evening. A guy walked by, and I asked him if he was different. Unsurprisingly, he was. So we got to it, with protection of course, when my phone started ringing. It was my bang buddy from back home. So, I don’t remember how it happened, but I ended up having sex while also having phone sex at the same time. It was underwhelming.” Chances are if your sex partner answers the phone and starts having sex with someone else, you’re not at your peak performance.


“We were doing it on the floor and he said, ‘Wow. You’re so wet. I could fill up a cup and drink it.’ So bizarre.” Dirty talk is great, however, somethings are better kept to yourself.

Sounds Sus

“I hooked up with this very sweet guy, but after some pretty alright sex, he started talking about how he once had to have a catheter in, and how sexy it was, and how much he liked it, and then asked me if I knew what sounding was, and then pulled out a little case of sounding rods and a giant bottle of lube and asked me if I wanted to do it to him, or just watch. So, I watched. It was not at all arousing, but it was legitimately fascinating to see how it worked, and he seemed to really enjoy it. But that was the last time we hooked up because the idea of sticking a metal rod up a man’s penis makes my genitals worried.” Sounding is actually a rather common kink, however you should probably make sure your partner is into kinkier stuff before pulling out your toy stash.

King of the Dorm

“I briefly casually dated this guy and during the one time we had sex he started roaring like a lion. It was very weird, he was so loud. I was shocked, I never experienced anyone roaring in bed before, but he had his eyes closed and I don’t think he noticed my reaction. He was REALLY into it. We were in his dorm and his roommate also walked in on us at one point. The whole encounter was like something out of a sitcom.” Perhaps if you find yourself with animalistic bed habits, you should investigate the furry fetish before bedding a new partner who is unprepared for your wild side.

We will see you next Saturday for more strange sex adventures!

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Master Sexting Mondays –  How to Handle Awkward Moments



No matter what kind of sex you’re having, moments of awkwardness are bound to happen. Sexting is no exception! If you are putting off sexting because you are worried you wont know how to handle those awkward moments when you aren’t together don’t worry, we have some simple solutions to help you feel more prepared.

Worried you’ll be lost for words?

When you’re having sex and you can’t think of what to say, it’s okay because there are plenty of other ways to occupy your mouth, but when you’re sexting words are a bit necessary. One of the sexiest things you can do in a moment where you’re speechless sexting, is send something else! Send an audio message of yourself moaning, or a sexy picture.

They seem disinterested


If you’re partner doesn’t seem totally involved in the moment, but you know they aren’t otherwise occupied treat it just like you would during sex. check in with your partner to ensure they’re enjoying the direction of your sext conversation. “Do you like that?” “What can I do for you?” “Tell me how you like it.” All work in a pinch to make sure they are just enjoying themselves and not uninterested.

Mood killers

If something really killed the mood and you don’t think you can reignite the spark let your partner know so you can pick things back up more successfully another time. “I’m sorry, but my boss keeps calling me and it’s totally killing my mood even though you had me super turned on before, can we try this again tomorrow night?” “I’m loving sexting you, but you continually asking me for photos is making me feel uncomfortable and is turning me off.” Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner, it will make you both more comfortable.

We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting!

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