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Master Sexting Monday – Fails



Welcome back to our master sexting series! Everyone knows winning wouldn’t be as sweet if there weren’t failures first. Sometimes those failures can be even more amusing than the victories. So today we are taking a moment to appreciate some glorious attempts at hookups…gone wrong.


At least this lady was straight to the point. The punctuation was a cheery touch!

Sometimes being wrong can be right

We think Katie had someone particular in mind. This was not that guy.

Ask a question get an answer

This couple appears to have checked out our Thanksgiving blog at some point. We recognize that line. Or… attempt at the line.

Finger licking good

We don’t think she understood what flavors of her’s he was sampling.

The new DTF

She just wants a lover, not a fighter.

Just back away slowly

Nobody knew what was going on here. Who is Tina? Who is Jeff? The world may never know.


We guess she wasn’t worth the price tag.

Package Deal

Come on girl, throw him a bone.


Poor Todd. He just wanted a friend. This is cold. You can give us a call Todd take your pick of any of our lovely ladies.

Grammar is sexy

Last we have, a grammar fail that decided this guy’s fate.

We will see you next week for more sexting fun!






Anasteemaphilia is a term that refers to a sexual attraction to or fascination with statues, sculptures, or other forms of art that depict the human form, often in a highly realistic or idealized manner. This attraction is not uncommon and can be a source of inspiration for many people who appreciate art, beauty, and human anatomy.

It’s important to note that sexual attraction to statues or sculptures is not the same as fetishism, which involves the use of an object for sexual arousal or gratification. Anasteemaphilia is more about the appreciation of art and the beauty of the human form, rather than using it for sexual purposes.

Some people may experience anasteemaphilia as a result of their artistic or cultural background, while others may develop it as a result of their own personal experiences and interests. Regardless of its origins, anasteemaphilia can be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for those who appreciate art and beauty.

It’s also important to note that anasteemaphilia is not limited to traditional sculpture or statues. It can also include other forms of art that depict the human form, such as photographs, paintings, or digital artwork.

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Lactophilia, also known as lactosexuality or lactophilia, is a term used to describe a sexual attraction to breastfeeding or the breast milk of another person. It is a type of paraphilia, a sexual preference that involves the arousal or excitement that comes from the thought or act of breastfeeding or the consumption of breast milk.

People who are lactophiles may experience a range of sexual responses to breastfeeding, including arousal, excitement, and pleasure. Some individuals may also fantasize about breastfeeding or drinking breast milk as part of their sexual activities.

It’s important to note that lactophilia is not necessarily associated with any specific age, gender, or orientation. Anyone can develop a sexual interest in breastfeeding or breast milk, regardless of their own gender or sexual orientation.

Some people may find lactophilia to be a source of comfort and intimacy in their relationships, while others may view it as a taboo or unconventional practice. It’s important to respect the boundaries and preferences of all individuals involved in any sexual activity, including those related to lactophilia.


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The good and bad of threesomes




The topic of threesomes! Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this intimate experience.

**Threesomes: Good**

1. **Excitement and Novelty**: Threesomes can bring a new level of excitement and thrill to a relationship, as it involves a new partner and a different dynamic.
2. **Increased Intimacy**: When done correctly, a threesome can create a sense of closeness and intimacy among the three individuals involved, as they work together to create a memorable experience.
3. **Exploration and Discovery**: Threesomes can be an opportunity for individuals to explore their desires, boundaries, and desires with each other, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners.
4. **Strengthened Bond**: A successful threesome can strengthen the bond between partners, as they work together to navigate the experience and communicate effectively.

**Threesomes: Bad**

1. **Emotional Complications**: Adding a third person to the mix can create emotional complications, such as feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or abandonment.
2. **Pressure and Stress**: The pressure to perform or impress the third person can lead to stress and anxiety, making it difficult to fully enjoy the experience.
3. **Risk of Disconnection**: A threesome can lead to disconnection from one’s primary partner if not handled carefully, as attention is divided between two people.
4. **Unrealistic Expectations**: Some people may have unrealistic expectations about what a threesome will be like, leading to disappointment or frustration when it doesn’t meet those expectations.
5. **Potential for Unhealthy Dynamics**: If not approached with clear boundaries and communication, a threesome can create unhealthy dynamics, such as exploitation or power imbalances.

Threesomes can be a positive and exciting experience when approached with open communication, trust, and respect among all parties involved. However, they can also lead to negative consequences if not handled carefully. It’s essential to consider the potential risks and benefits before engaging in a threesome, ensuring that all parties are comfortable and willing participants.


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