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Talker F.A.Q.

How do I earn using the Talk-Chat Lines Program?



When you connect to our Talk-Chat line from the programs page, you will be paid for your live 1on1 connections with caller’s based on the rate displayed when you entered the system.

The pre-commission rate will be listed in the TC button in the navigation bar.

When you connect to the Talk-Chat Line, you will record a voice greeting. Callers can browse the voice greetings and leave you a message back, or request to chat live one-on-one.




Important Notes:

  • You will earn the commission listed when you enter the system for your one-on-one connection time with callers on the Chat Line.
  • Some callers do not want to connect one-on-one from the start, so you earn $.0.20 for each message exchange with callers. (Please note: If a caller sends you a message, and you respond with a connection request – or vice versa, this is not a message exchange and you will not receive the commission for a message exchange.)
  • The Callers on the virtual chat line are not aware of, or that you are not an amateur girl who is just calling the line for fun and someone to chat with, so don’t come off to strong or push your Profile right away, that may cause the Caller to disconnect and try to connect with another lady on the line.

Talker F.A.Q.

What is the Direct Connect Program?



Direct Connect connects you to Callers who are not yet familiar with, meaning you can receive calls that do not originate on our site. This option offers Callers a direct connection to Talkers for $0.99 per minute.

The talker will receive their normal commission on the $0.99 per minute billed for Direct Connect calls.

When you connect to a Direct Connect Caller, you can refer them to your Profile on to purchase your Galleries, view your Public Photos, leave you a Bonus, or call you back directly in the future if they want to reach you again. If they do, you will then be paid at your normal listing rate.

To enable Direct Connect, choose “Programs” from the Main Menu.

How to access's Direct Connect Program.

How to access’s Direct Connect Program.

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Talker F.A.Q.

How much can I charge for Web Chat?



Please note that the Web Chat Feature is a Pay Per Minute option.

When a caller starts a chat with you, you will receive earnings per minute for your chat.

To set your rate, from the Account Dashboard, choose the profile that you would like to set your rate for then click the More button and select Profile Shortcuts  > My Rates from the menu.    You will be taken to the rates page.

Click the Chat Tab.

Set your rate (Price Range is $0.00 – $2.99) then click Save.

You can also set Flat Rate Package rates for web chat (The minimum and maximum dollar amounts allowed for each minute package will be displayed the under box where you would enter the rate.)

The paid commission for Web Chats is 50% (fifty percent).

You can make yourself available to receive a web chat at any time by toggling your availability at the top of our site.

On your profile the caller can select “Realtime web chat” and you will be prompted to accept the chat request with the caller within 60 seconds of the request.

You can find transcripts of your individual web chats in the message center.














***Please note that due to the changes we have made changes to our web chat feature, we have increased the size of the chat window, and have disabled incoming calls and chats until your chat session is over.***

In addition, if a talker misses a webchat the system will automatically make the profiles unavailable for web chat. 

Please be aware that webchat was enhanced with a new feature.

Callers can now request to call you during chats!

This feature can be enabled on the programs page.

Once you have enabled it then callers can request a call during an ongoing webchat.

This will call you on the phone and the caller will hear you through their web browser. The caller will not be on the phone line, and will still be able to type.


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Talker F.A.Q.

How many profiles can I have?



You can have 10 characters/profiles, but only 3 profiles can be enabled and live on the site at a time.

The callers do not see any connection between your profiles, so you are welcome to have as many different personalities that you would like to have and the callers will not know you are the same person.

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