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Affiliate Program

Callers Make Money with!

Do you want to earn free money to call, sext, message, and webchat your favorite talkers?

Earn $50 for every customer that you refer to (when the new customer spends $50).

Simply tell all of your friends, webpage traffic, or social media accounts to follow your link to  It’s that simple, we do the rest!

After a new caller registers from your link, you will earn the first $50 they fund into their wallet.  Who doesn’t love free money to spend with our hottest phone sex talkers?

Creating a link that you can post to start referring other callers is simple.

Step 1 – Know your account number.    You can find your account number at the bottom of your main menu when you are logged into


Step 2 – add “?uaid=341300” (using your account number from Step 1) to the end of any link to

Want to link to the main page?

Want to link to your favorite talker profile?

Want to link to the signup page so the caller can get right down to it?

Step 3 – Make sure you change the sample account number in the above links (341300) to your own account number found in step 1.

Step 4 – Sit back and wait for the free wallet money to come pouring it just for helping other callers find!


You too can benefit from the affiliate program.  Simply add your account number to the end of any link on the site and will add $50 earnings to your account for each referred customer who spends $50.  What are you waiting for?