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Who Is is owned and operated by TL Holdings LLC, the leader in adult entertainment. We have been providing adult entertainment for over 20 years.

What Is is where adults can connect for hot, one-on-one adult fun; men and women holding intimate private conversations over the phone. You can talk about anything your heart desires. helps you find individuals to speak with, connects you via the phone, and all for low per-minute rates. Whether you are looking for romance, advice, friendship, or just adult fun, you can find it on

How Does Work?

You start off by browsing the listings of our hot people waiting to talk to you. When you find the person you are interested in, simply click your desired service to be connected. We will connect you and the person you wish to speak with anonymously through our secure phone systems. It’s that easy!


Things you Should try to Spice up your Isolation Love Life



Mixing up your sex routine is something you should do for not only your partner but also for you! If the last year has landed you in a sexual rut, we are here with some sex suggestions you should try that will definitely mix things up! We aren’t just talking about having sex all over the house, by now you should have broken in every room and surface of your isolation location.

Do it in a hot tub

Half the world may be closed down, but hotels are still open. Book a suite with a hot tub in it! All those warm bubbles and pulsing water jets will put you right in the mood. As an extra bonus since it’s a private room and not a back yard you can get in naked from the start.

Try out some costumes

They’re not just for Halloween! If you haven’t added sexy costumes to your role play yet, it’s time to do so now. Just think of all the possibilities, dirty doctor, sexy firefighter, hung horse (we don’t judge you do you!)

Don’t strip down

You’ve had sex while naked tons of times. Try keeping as many articles of clothing on as you can. Not being able to fully touch each other will be very sexy. You could even try adding in some of those costumes and roleplaying this one.

Hog the remote

Wear a remote-controlled sex toy while doing your normal housework and let your partner control the vibrations while they relax and watch you work. By the time your chores are done you will both be ready to mess the whole place up again.

Build a blanket fort

Embrace your inner youthfulness and build a fort in your living room. Once you’re done, you can celebrate by cozying up and getting it on inside.

Experiment with BDSM

If you’re not familiar with BSDM, at the most basic level, it’s an acronym for multiple categories: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism, all of which occur in a judgment-free and consent-based zone of trust.

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Caller F.A.Q.

How can I connect to Talkers with Skype?



Did you know when you connect with Talkers using Skype, you can show off just as much as they can? Let the Talkers really get up close and personal while you perform for them On Camera.

See and be Seen!

How to connect with Skype:

To start connecting with Talker’s using Skype, you will need to create a Skype account and handle if you have not already done so.

We recommend creating a Skype handle for exclusive use with your account.

All aspects of your Skype account may be visible (through the Skype application) to any Talker that you attempt to reach.

Once you have your Skype Handle please log into the website, go to the Main Menu and select “My Account”. You will enter your Skype Handle on this page.

Note: If Skype has automatically added a prefix – (ex. live: or facebook:) to a Skype handle – the prefix has to be included when entering the Skype handle on your account.


You do not have to be logged in to to connect to Talkers through Skype. You will still be charged for Skype calls that are initiated from Skype.

Please Note: Your wallet balance has to have enough funds to connect for 5 minutes at the Talkers per minute Skype rate.


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Getting Your $10 Free



Ten dollars FREE for every new account! Just provide a valid credit card when creating your accountwe will verify your information but NOT charge you. Enjoy $10 to explore all the great features of!

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