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The Jane Burgess Interview

We are very excited to offer our readers a new interview with renowned adult model and Talker, Jane Burgess.  This gorgeous starlight goes in-depth with our blog team on her career, personal turn-ons, and much more. Enjoy! TTM:  You’re an experienced model having been featured in Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse, ...


It's acceptable if you haven't sexted another person by the time you're reading this, but it's definitely rare. Widely understood as texting another person using sexual imagery and innuendo, either just by words or accompanied by images, sexting is the quick and easy way to let someone know how you want to jump their bones. And, depending on your data/texting plans, it's more than often the easiest way into free sex chat or at least cheap sex chat. The execution to sexting ranges; you could send ridiculous pick-up lines to make them laugh, you could sensually describe how you want to touch the other person, or you could get downright dirty and be as up-front and explicit as possible Keep in mind, there are the rules of sexting, which you should read thoroughly to prevent embarrassing the hell out of yourself or possible getting arrested. We list the rules below, but we also have a plethora of tips and tricks to a lasting sex chat convo. Want to send images? Great! Yet, there are a few rules (with this, too!) to keep in mind regarding what body parts you should be sending over the cellular airwaves. Maybe she's okay with your abs but you think she might freak out with a peen slip. Read on, and we'll walk you through which sexual images you should be sending, and which ones should be left for your eyes only.

Phone Sex:

You may not think phone sex is still a thing… that sure, it was once all the rage, but with texting and snapchat, why would it still exist? It still exists because you can't quite get that immediate gratification of a returned come-hither sentence when using text, and you definitely miss out on the sexy mood a moan or light growl can put you in when on the phone. With all the searches on the internet considering "how to talk dirty during sex", it's easy to see that the noises you make and hear when you're banging are easily a top-rated turn on. reviews plenty of ways to ease into phone sex with graceful power, giving you sex chat ideas to beginners and giving highlights to the well-experienced. Always know what you want out of your sex convo, that's a main rule for everyone. From there, things can get dirty or sensual, it's all up to the two (or more!) people on the phone. Role-play, domination or submission, MILF desire, certain fetishes, or just a vanilla sexual connection are all welcome ways to explore some hot phone sex.